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In our modern, industrial world a lot of people have concerns about the harm of pollution to the planet and the people living on it. Big companies, like VW, have a responsibility to preserve the planet for future generations and do their best to avoid harming people around today.

The VW emissions scandal has shaken the motor industry to it's core, and seriously called into question the reputation of the world's biggest car manufacturer. VW Group don't only produce VWs, they also make every Audi, Skoda and Seat on the road today.

As they used the defeat devices in diesel engines for all of these makes, 1.2million cars on UK roads are affected.

Several top legal firms in the UK have initiated class action against VW group due to the emissions scandal, in an attempt to set a basis for financial compensation for affected consumers.

We are at the forfront of these efforts, and believe there is a very strong possibility VW will pay-out for this form of compensation.

These are some of the reasons we believe VW Compensation will be paid to VW owners :

  • 'Moral misleading': Many people choose 'clean diesels' because they want to be environmentally responsible. The news that VW had cheated emissions tests, means these buyers have been misled and have unknowingly contributed a greater pollution footprint than they may have been comfortable with.
  • Resale values: Although it is not clear yet how much resale values will change on affected vehicles, again people have bought cars that may be worth less when they come to sell than they anticipated when they bought their VW.
  • Effects of the recall: VW are proposing removing the defeat devices from affected cars. However it is believed if they do this it may negatively impact performance and MPG.

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